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Passport - Country issued by and possibly current visas.


Thanks - we have passport on the to-do list but visas should be on there as well.

Any way to upload a current resume, for me to add all my tours it would take a huge amount of time 

Good point -- we've added this feature to the development queue. Hard to say how soon this will be available -- we may be able to piggyback off the photo uploading that's already in place and just modify that to allow pdf uploads to a new section.

Basic profile "headline"... section for general description/notes?...

Thanks - we plan to add an "about me" section along with some other improvements to the profile information. There are some major projects we have to knock off first.

Appreciate the response, Greg. I'm looking forward to seeing how things work out here. I have tried a couple of different websites in the past to no benefit... keeping my plate full is still relying on word-of-mouth.

Hi - I'm a touring Fitness Instructor (Yoga & Tour Wellness) - is there a category for this on TourReady?

Also - is there a place to put a link to my site?

Thanks a bunch ~ excited you all are doing this ~ Kim

There is not a category right now, but let me ask around — if enough people would use it, we’d make it one of the standard categories.

There currently isn’t a field for your personal URL but you could use the experience field in your profile.

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Thanks Greg, that would be awesome. I'm sure there are folks out there (in various forms, weight trainers, boxing instructors, yogis etc.. that might fall into the "Fitness Instructor"category). Do keep me posted :-)

~ Kim

Hello TourReady - what a GREAT idea! However, I do not see my industry on your site. I do all the ground transportation Sedans, SUV, Sprinters, Stretches, Vans, Shuttles, Tour Buses (airports, to/from venue, crew/artist). My company is currently handling multiple concert tours at this time and have a niche for it. Do you think ground transpo might be added? 

Hi, Jody -

Are looking for drivers? We do have a category for that, although it's called 'bus drivers' so may not cover vans, etc. However, if you're looking to reach tour managers who might contract with your company, we're not the right tool to do that. 

Hope that helps --

Greg Yorke

The site is getting better all the time. I wish it had been around when I was starting out!
Would you consider adding a selection for Props/SFX under your positions in Experience? I realize it's not called upon often in this manner of touring, but it has been a large part of my touring background. It would be great if this were an option rather than having to resort to "Other."


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