See a video about this topic in the "videos" folder of "Using TourReady to Get Hired."

To add an event to your calendar, please login to your TourReady account and follow these steps:


1. Click My Calendar on the Menu bar

2. Click the Add Event button on the top left of the page

3. Fill out the information that applies to the new event being created

4. Click Save

*Please note, Calendar Events are different than the 'Accepted Jobs' view

  • Calendar Events can be anything from a personal event to a work event that you need to be reminded of through alerts. The TourReady Calendar is very similar to iCal, giving you the flexibility to create events and reminders as your personal scheduling assistant.

  • The 'Accepted Jobs' view that is reflected on the Calendar, is a separate view of confirmed jobs and tours that you have accepted. The 'Accepted Jobs' view can be turned on and off, but can not be edited. Only the 'hiring' member that offered you the job can edit dates for 'Accepted Jobs.'