See a video about this topic in the "videos" folder of "Using TourReady to Hire."

To create a Job Posting, please login to your TourReady account and follow these steps:

1. Go to My Jobs & Tours on the Menu Bar

2. Click the Job Postings Tab on the top left corner.

3. Click the blue Create Job Posting button on the top of the page.

4. Fill out all of the required information marked with a * 

We recommend that you fill out all information, not just required, in order to find the best suited crew for your job.

5. Click Save

Congrats! You have now created your first job posting.

Return to the My Tours & Jobs screen anytime to view or edit your active postings.

Note: If you need multiple crew for a single Tour/Event, you must create separate Job Postings for each crew position. Once the first Tour/Event posting has been created, simply select the Tour/Event name from the drop down list on your next job posting to link the separate crew positions under a Tour.