There can be several reasons why you're not receiving emails from us, so there are several things to try:

Your email provider may think that our emails are spam or promotional messaging:

  • Check your email spam or junk folder. Email services and applications sometimes mistakenly put our emails in these folders. If they did this, mark it as "not spam" or "not junk" or your services' or applications' equivalent (each one is different so we can't be more specific!).
  • If you use Gmail, check the 'Promotions' tab. If TourReady's email is there, move it to your inbox by dragging and dropping it there, or right-click the message. Google's help says "After you move a message to a different tab, a message above your inbox will ask if you want to … always put messages from that sender in the tab you chose."
  • To keep future messages out of your spam or junk folder, you can try these tricks:

    • Add as a trusted email domain in your email's address book.
    • Add as a contact in your address book.

Your TourReady settings might be wrong

  • Verify the email settings on your TourReady account. From the menu, go to "Settings" and check the address under "Primary email." If it is wrong, change it using the adjacent button.
  • Make sure you are set up to receive notifications from us. From the menu, go to "Settings" and click the blue "Email notifications" button. Make sure the right boxes are checked.

Also check your email application's settings. Your desktop or mobile email app may be set up to download new mail only every 30 minutes or every hour (you can change this setting).

If you’re still not receiving emails after completing these steps, please contact us.