See a video about this topic in the "videos" folder of "Using TourReady to Hire."

Option 1: Use your Job Posting Summary page

After a Job has been posted, you can view all of the Job details from the My Tours & Jobs board. To view who has expressed interest in a particular job posting, follow the instructions below.

1. Click the My Tours & Jobs from the Menu bar

2. Click on the Job Postings tab

From this list view, you can see under the 'Interested' column if any crew has expressed interest in that job posting.

3. Click on the Job PostingĀ 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. The Crew that have expressed interest in your job posting will be listed under "Interested Crew".

4. Click the Crew's name to visit their profile, view their experience and skills, message them, or hire them!

Option 2: use the Browse Crew search

Near the bottom of the search filters on the "Browse Crew" page, there is a checkbox for "Only if interested in." Check that box, select the tour and position you want to search for, and search. The results will be the people who've expressed interest in your job.